ALUMNI SERIES: Material Sciences

William Sacks

vendredi 12 juin 2015 de 8h30 à 9h30

Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

Part of our "ALUMNI SERIES", William Sacks visit is an excellent example of how our alumni can contribute to the experience of today's Ecolint students.

"From Atoms to Materials: physics, chemistry and biology join forces"

"When I was a student the different subjects (chemistry, physics…) were treated separately from one another with ‘occasional’ connections. In today’s world of rapid innovation, material sciences take centre stage where the key is the strong overlap of different disciplines. These ideas will be exposed in my talk illustrated by both fundamental aspects and useful applications."

William Sacks (LGB '75), UPMC Sorbonne 

William Sacks

William Sacks was a participant in our 90-9-90 Project. He has been a Professor of physics at the Sorbonne Universités Paris for the last 30 years. Besides teaching at the university level, he does fundamental research in the field of solid materials. His group, which engages in topics such as minerals and crystals, magnetic materials, proteins, nanometric particles and more, is presently doing theoretical work on novel superconductors. His other duties involve heading a Masters Degree programme of Lab at UPMCabout 60 French and international students, many of whom have been awarded scholarships. Read his 90-9-90 Project contribution here.