12 to 14 June 2018 at 19:30

Theatre, Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

This highly publicized work has never lost its capacity to amaze us! No doubt this is due to the high level of eccentric imagination: a time-obsessed rabbit, an Alice who grows and shrinks when she wants to, and cold-blooded queens who are not taken very seriously. We can probably actually identify some of these characters in our own daily lives, and even in our news. In this adaptation by Sébastien Nicot, the croquet party is transformed into a battle of tongue twisters between pawns. 

A theatrical, educational and linguistic adventure, a collective enterprise, a space for personal fulfillment: this show is a concentrate of challenges! A challenge brilliantly taken up by Florence Auvergne-Abric, Ecolint teacher during many years and creator of the Théopopettes, assisted by Anne Laurent, a teacher in the Middle School.
This show will be the last of thirty or so that have been staged by Florence Auvergne-Abric in this school since 1984!
Participants are aged 12 to 13, a pivotal age when every opportunity to develop one's confidence, to get involved in a joint venture, to give meaning to one's efforts, helps build invaluable self-confidence.
Valuing commitment and perseverance is another aspect of the approach, especially in a world of "everything, right away", as well as managing the inevitable moment of discouragement and frustration.
The text mixes French and English, with some students switching from one language to the other mid-show! Some choose their language of study, opting for a fun way to progress.
Beyond its entertainment value, the audience will witness the result of a genuine formative experience, the emergence of personalities and the satisfaction, for budding actors, of having participated in a memorable episode of their school life.