5 June 2018

Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

Let's seek out biodiversity and put our hands back in the soil! In partnership wigth the STEM Centre (La Grande Boissière campus centre for science learning and experiments), students and the campus gardener, Mario Cardinale, the Secondary School library is developing a seed bank.
A seed bank is seed exchange system where everyone can take and leave seeds from organically-grown crops free of charge.
Seed banks allow us to be free of using industrial seeds that require fertilisers and pesticides, and are often sterile. It also enables us to taste varieties that are no longer found in shops, to develop biodiversity in urban areas and to transmit know-how.
Seed exchange, which has been practiced for thousands of years, is now banned by farmers and many bills that threaten biodiversity. The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations estimates that we have already lost 75% of our biodiversity, destroyed by industry that imposes an ever-smaller number of varieties.
Before other plants and biodiversity disappear, you are invited to come and take and/or leave some seeds.