"Dirty Gold War" from Daniel Schweizer et "Etats-Unis, le Nouvel Apartheid" from Romain Icard

Thursday 9th of March, 08h15 - 12h00

Auditorium, Centre des arts, Ecole Internationale de Genève



Dirty Gold War is a trip behind the scenes of a thriving industry. On one side, the displays of luxury goods; on the other, the appalling conditions of those cursed by dirty gold. From mine to window display, extreme misery to luxury brands and big banks, it follows the course of the “gold trail”. From South America to Switzerland, the country that refines and fashions the major part of the world’s dirty gold into bars. This film puts a little-known reality into perspective and reveals important issues about a gold rush that is continuing in the 21st century, in silence and indifference, regardless of the interests of indigenous peoples. Dirty Gold War is a documentary directed by Daniel Schweizer, a Swiss author and filmmaker. 






In the eyes of the world, the election of Barack Obama as American president is the demonstration of a successful coeducation(mixing). But the segregation, nevertheless forbidden by law, makes its return in the United States, in particular in the public schools. Via Selma, in Alabama, the Mecca of the movement of the civil rights, this situation is worrying. High schools now reflect the apparent divisions within the city. Is this the format of hidden Apartheid ?


"Etats-Unis, Le Nouvel Apartheid" is a documentary realized by Romain Icard, a journalist and a French documentary filmmaker.