Neons & Vacuum

Cie Philippe Saire
La Bâtie - Festival de Genève

Friday, September 11 2015 at 19:00
Saturday, September 12 at 21:00

Theatre, Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

The Philippe Saire Company will present two new pieces at the Centre des arts for la Bâtie - Festival de Genève.

NEONS Never Ever, Oh! Noisy Shadows is the story of a couple who is falling apart. The movement is chiselled, intense. Joined with the voice of Maria Callas, the choreography is a study in contrasts: strong and intimate, cold and violent, committed yet ironic. Luminous newspapers provide the decor and subtext; neon lights throw the scene into shadow, producing unexpected shades of gray. A short piece created this summer, Vacuum is a chiaroscuro of bodies producing incredible images, fantastic paintings and scenes out of science fiction. Bodies appear and disappear between black holes and dazzling light, as if in a game. After Black Out and NEONS, Vacuum explores a new aspect of our visual perception, illusion, and brings once again the choreographer from Lausanne closer to contemporary art. Philippe Chosson and Pep Garrigues are the talented dancers whose interpretations create a bridge between these two works. With its dedication to creative work, the Philippe Saire Company is part of the rise of contemporary dance around Switzerland, bringing the art to ever-growing audiences.

As it prepares for its performances, the Company will offer pedagogical instruction to Secondary School students.

For sixteen days at the start of the school year, the La Bâtie Festival will put the best of contemporary performing arts on display in various locations throughout the Geneva area, including the Ecolint Centre des arts.

Tickets at reduced price are available for the members of the EIG community (parents and staff), please send an email mentionning your name, the day of performance and the number of seats requested.  *FRIDAY SOLD OUT*
CHF 26.- plein tarif / CHF 17.- tarif réduit (étudiants, chômeurs, AVS/AI) / CHF 12.- tarif spécial (-12 ans, carte « 20 ans/20 francs ») / CHF 5.- tarif festivalier