Legal Notice

1. Conditions of use for the International School of (ISG) Internet site

1.1 General conditions and definitions
The ISG Internet sites are the property of the International School of Geneva which manages them.  The International School of Geneva is a foundation established under Swiss law and registered in the canton of Geneva under the name "Ecole Internationale de Genève (EIG)".  Its legal address is 62 route de Chêne, 1208 Geneva, Switzerland. Communications may be made by email to, by telephone to +41 22 787 24 00 and by fax to +41 22 787 24 10.
ISG owns and manages several Internet sites and web pages, in particular its public site, accessible via, as well as those sites relating to its three campuses. The public site is the only site accessible to the public.  All other ISG Internet sites are strictly reserved for use by those persons properly authorized by ISG, who have received identification and/or personal passwords.  For the purposes of the present conditions of use, the intranet designed for use by ISG personnel is not considered as an ISG Internet site.
Access to ISG Internet sites is offered on the sole condition that you accept, without modification, the present conditions of use. The act of accessing ISG Internet sites, navigating on them or using them implies an acceptance of the present conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as the Conditions of Use).
The Conditions of Use may be updated and/or revised at any time by the ISG with no individual notice to users.  Please note that it is your responsibility to consult them regularly.
ISG may suspend or modify all or part of the services offered on these Internet sites for any reason and at any time, at its own discretion.
1.2  Links with third-party Internet sites
ISG Internet sites may contain links to third-party Internet sites (hereinafter referred to as "linked sites".)
ISG has no control over linked sites and may not be held responsible for the availability of such sites or their content, or notably for the links contained in a linked site or for any modification of or update to any of these linked sites.  The inclusion of a link to another site does not constitute an approval of the said site nor any association with its operator.  ISG does not guarantee the proper functioning of linked sites nor the absence of viruses or other bugs liable to harm the equipment by which you access the Internet.
It is your responsibility to consult the conditions of use published on linked sites and to abide by them.
1.3  Illegal or forbidden use
As a user of ISG Internet sites you undertake:
1.3.1  not to cause, or allow a third party to cause, injury or harm to ISG, to any of its clients or to other users of ISG Internet sites;
1.3.2  not to use ISG Internet sites to transmit or to put online any material:
  • which could be perceived as defamatory, injurious, obscene or menacing,
  • liable, in the view of the ISG, to be a source of nuisance to the members of its staff or to any other person,                          
  • which is illegal or which violates the intellectual property of the ISG or a third party
  • which is forbidden by the present Conditions of Use. 
1.3.3.  not to use, or to permit a third party to use, the ISG Internet sites in a way which might damage, deteriorate, overload or disrupt the functioning of one or several ISG Internet sites (or any network connected to any ISG Internet site) or which might interfere with another's use of any ISG Internet site.
1.3.4  not to use, or to permit a third party to use, ISG Internet sites in order to obtain unauthorized access to installations or services, nor for any activity destined to achieve, or resulting in, the following
  • the alteration or destruction of data belonging to ISG or to a third party,
  • the violation of privacy of a third party,
  • the continuing use of IT material after ISG has requested the termination of its use.
  • any other deliberately abusive use of ISG Internet sites.
1.3.5  not to attempt unauthorized access to any ISG Internet site, to any access-protected sections of such sites, to the accounts of other users or to any IT systems or networks connected to ISG Internet sites, whether by IT piracy, gleaning of passwords or by any other means.
1.3.6  not to attempt to obtain any material or information which has not been made intentionally available on an ISG Internet site.
1.4 Passwords
You agree to respect the confidentiality of any identification and/or password which is attributed and not to divulge the said password or identification to a third party.  Moreover you agree to inform us immediately in the case of unauthorized use of a password or the violation of this condition.
In the case of violation by a user of any of the articles of these Conditions of Use, ISG reserves the right to deny access to any account or to annul any password attributed. 
1.5 Exemption from responsibility
The information, products and services contained or available on the ISG Internet sites are liable to contain errors or misprints.  ISG reserves the right to carry out modifications on all its Internet sites and to correct the information contained there.  
ISG does not guarantee that documents available on its Internet sites are the most recent versions of the said documents. 
For all useful purposes the ISG offers no guarantee of the relevance, reliability, availability, the exhaustive nature or the accuracy of any material, information, programmes, products or services or of any graphic elements contained on ISG Internet sites.  Furthermore the ISG does not guarantee that any of the foregoing is free of viruses or harmful elements.  This information is supplied "as it stands" with no guarantee.
You are only authorized to use ISG Internet sites on condition that the ISG is not held responsible for any act carried out by you based on information contained on ISG Internet sites.  Furthermore you agree that ISG is not held responsible if use of an ISG Internet site makes necessary a repair to your IT equipment or a rectification of your data.
You accept that ISG is not held responsible for any data which you may transmit, nor for any data or material sent or received via an ISG Internet site.   Consequently the ISG may not be held responsible in the case of unauthorized access to such data or in the case of its loss or alteration.
You accept that the ISG may not be held responsible for any content or third-party action of a menacing, defamatory, obscene, injurious or illegal nature, nor for any violation by a third party of the rights of another person, particularly in the case of their intellectual property rights.  You accept that the ISG may not be held responsible for any content transmitted via ISG Internet sites or placed upon these sites by a third party.
The ISG has no responsibility towards you (contractually, criminally or in any other way) in the case of bodily harm, death, material damage or in the case of direct, indirect or subsequent loss (these three terms including, with no limitation whatsoever, the loss of data, of purely economic injury, loss of revenue, loss of business income, loss of clientele and any similar loss) resulting from or linked in any way whatever to the access to, use of, or functioning of, the ISG Internet sites, to the delayed access to one or several ISG Internet sites or to the impossibility of using them, to the supply or lack of supply of any service, or to the information, programmes, services and graphics obtained via one or other ISG Internet site or resulting in any other way from the use of one or other ISG Internet site.
1.6 Indemnity
You undertake to compensate and to guarantee the ISG, its directors, officers, employees or representatives against any claim, action or demand (including legal costs) linked to or resulting from your contravention of the present Conditions of Use.
1.7 Trademarks
The logos, designs, trademarks and other brands visible on ISG Internet sites are duly registered and are the property of the ISG or third parties.  You are forbidden to copy and or to use them without prior written consent their respective owners.  Permission may be sought vie email to
1.8 Intellectual property and copyright
1.8.1 Content and material on ISG Internet sites
The material contained on ISG Internet sites, such as photographs, illustrations, graphics, texts, video and audio clips etc, is either the exclusive property of the ISG or reproduced with the permission of the copyright holder. Copyright relating to all content of ISG Internet sites is the property of ISG or a third party.  All rights are reserved.
You are not authorized to reproduce (in whole or in part), to modify, transfer, re-publish, distribute, transmit (electronically or otherwise), to create works deriving from, to sell or to use in any other way any of the content or material made available on ISG Internet sites without the prior, written consent of the ISG, with the exception of any material or content which is expressly marked to the contrary. In particular you are not authorized to include, or to allow a third party to include in other publications, Internet sites or products, the content of ISG Internet sites or any material made available on those sites.  You are only authorized to consult the content and materials on ISG Internet sites for your private use and are not authorized to download them, to save them to your hard disk, or on any similar equipment, and to print them except for this purpose.
Any request for authorization concerning the use of all or part of the content or material contained on ISG Internet sites which is not authorized by the present Conditions of Use must be addressed by email to Any unauthorized use is liable to legal action. 
1.8.2 Information put online by users
In putting any content, material or data of any nature online on an ISG Internet site you grant irrevocably to the ISG a free and non exclusive licence to use, publish or reproduce the said content, material or data on all ISG Internet sites and in any other form.
When you put online any information you are bound to conform to the provisions of article 1.3.2. above.
1.9.  No implicit licence
Nothing contained on ISG Internet sites may be taken to constitute the agreement of a licence in regard to any intellectual property belonging to the ISG or a third party.
1.10 Treatment of personal data by the ISG
The term "personal data" describes any information which permits identification of a person or which, combined with other available information, allows a person to be identified by a third party.
Access to certain ISG Internet sites, to certain sections or services available on these sites as well as the use thereof, are subject to the communication of personal data such as name, electronic address and postal address.  Furthermore, ISG Internet sites use connection tracers (cookies).
Your personal data may be collected, treated and/or stored by the ISG for the following purposes:
  • for identification when you request a password, access Internet sites or parts thereof which are protected by a password, or send information to the ISG in any form.
  • in order to preserve its rights in the case of a violation by you of the present Conditions of Use
  • in order to make a statistical analysis of users of the ISG Internet sites
  • for advertising purposes if you expressly agree to receive publicity material from the ISG.
Upon written request (by email to, the ISG will inform you of the personal data which it holds concerning you in regard to use of its Internet sites.  If necessary, you may then send a written request to correct any error or to remove any non-essential data.  
The ISG undertakes to apply all reasonable measures to protect those personal data communicated to it against any attempt at access, abusive use, disclosure or alteration by non-authorized persons.  However, the ISG cannot be held responsible where such acts are committed while the said data is in transit on the Internet.  By communicating your personal data to the ISG, you agree to not hold the ISG, its directors, employees or affiliated bodies responsible for any violation of the confidentiality or the integrity of such data.   
The ISG may disclose any personal data whenever it may consider, in good faith, that such a disclosure is necessary in order to conform to current legal requirements, to apply or to ensure the respect of the present Conditions of Use, or in order to protect the property, rights or security of the ISG, of ISG Internet site users or of a third party. 
1.11 Use of personal data contained on ISG Internet sites
You are not authorized to use personal data contained on ISG Internet sites except in the case of:
  • communication with ISG employees in connection with their work within the ISG; 
  • communication with third parties in connection with their activities in regard to the ISG :
  • the fulfilment of your contractual obligations, or those of your employer, with regard to the ISG.   
In particular you undertake not to use, or to permit a third party to use, all or part of the personal data contained on the ISG Internet sites for commercial purposes by mail or email. 
1.12 Replacement, legal application and jurisdiction
In the case where one or other of the provisions of the present Conditions of Use should be invalid or inapplicable, this provision shall be replaced by that valid and applicable provision whose content shall reflect most closely the aims of the initial provision, all other provisions remaining fully applicable. 
The present Conditions of Use are governed by Swiss law. The  Geneva tribunal is the sole body competent to rule on any litigation which may arise concerning the present Conditions of Use or in connection with them.
29 march 2006
International School of  Geneva