1 March 2018 from 17:00 to 19:00

Student Lounge, Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

Ecolint Symposiums take place throughout the year. They begin with a presentation by the speaker of the day and are followed by an apéritif. The sociable moment we spend together discussing pedagogy is as important as the talk itself and contributes to Ecolint’s tradition of open exchange and spirit of lifelong learning.

How can we better understand children’s experiences of doing philosophy together? Drawing on the Philosophy for Children program, this talk will explore the "philosogram", a diagramming model that enables children to map out their process of thinking and meaning-making with others, notably how they make use of their imagination to expand the scope of the reasoning they provide in support of their various philosophical positions. The talk will present examples of philosograms drawn from a study with young people aged 6 through 16, and highlight some of the challenges and opportunities they encountered when reflecting metacognitively on collaborative philosophical experimentation.
Natalie M. Fletcher is a theorist and practitioner of Philosophy for Children based in Montreal, Canada. She teaches at Université Laval and is the founding director of Brila Youth Projects, a charity committed to exploring philosophy and creativity with young people from preschool through college ( This talk is inspired by a chapter recently published in the book Mapping Holistic Learning (2017).