20 March 2018 at 19:30

Auditorium, Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

Doors open: 19:00
Performance: 19:30

Basel Rajoub: saxophones, duclar, artistic direction
Feras Sherastan: qanun
Lynn Adib: voice
Andrea Piccioni: percussion

The Soriana Project brings together eminent performer-composer-improvisers who create contemporary music inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Orient. Performing on Middle Eastern and Western instruments, they exemplify the talent, achievement, and breadth of a rising generation of cosmopolitan Arab musicians.
Part-composed, part-improvised, the programme combines myriad melodic modes and microtonal subtleties of Arabic music, contemporary music, generating a sublime mix of spontaneity and control rooted in a thousand-year-old tradition of improvisation.
The programme celebrates the artists’ cultural heritage and pays homage to the land that gave them the gift of musical knowledge – knowledge that each of the performers carries with them throughout many journeys as it soothes wounds and inspires creation, envelops in warmth and stability, feeding the imagination as well as the soul. As composer Basel Rajoub put it, “This music offers both gratitude and a gift to a homeland left behind.”
About the artists
Basel Rajoub is well known as a saxophonist and composer-improviser who creates contemporary tradition-based music inspired by Middle Eastern rhythms and melodic modes as well as jazz. Born in Aleppo, Syria, he graduated from the Damascus High Institute of Music and is a winner of Radio Monte Carlo’s Moyen-Orient Music Award. Basel has been active in a variety of contemporary music groups that bring together musicians from different parts of the Middle East, North Africa, and West Asia, and is the founder and leader of the Basel Rajoub ensemble. His latest project, Sound the Encounter. New Music from Iran and Syria, premiered at the Asia Society in New York on 7 December 2014 and received a special review by the New York Times. Basel lives in Geneva, Switzerland.
Feras Sherastan, a brilliant qanun virtuoso, comes from the city of Al-Hasakeh, in northeast Syria, and studied qanun at the High Institute of Music in Damascus. He performs regularly as a qanun soloist with the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra as well as in the bands Roubai Toueis and Woujouh.
Andrea Piccioni is considered one of the greatest exponents of the art of frame drumming and has developed an extraordinary capacity to move through various musical genres and styles. A virtuoso, he has re-elaborated the language of the tambourine and various frame drums in a truly personal, virtuosic and expressive manner. Founder of the FRAME DRUMS ITALIA association, Andrea tours widely with numerous projects and is an experienced teacher as well as the artistic director of FRAMEDRUMSITALIA International Festival. Andrea lives in Rome, Italy.
Lynn Adib was born in Damascus, Syria and started singing at the age of 6 at the "Al Farah Choir" mentored by Father Elias Zehlaoui. A graduate of the Syrian National Conservatory, Lynn is a singer and composer whose beautiful voice speaks to diverse audiences in many parts of the globe. Today, Lynn performs widely with several vocal projects and is studying classical jazz at the Conservatoire de Paris in her hometown of Paris, France.