In partnership with the JAZZCONTREBAND FESTIVAL

19 October 2017 at 20:00

Auditorium, Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

Raul de Souza: trombone, sax, souzabone
Leonardo Montana or Julien Lallier: piano
Glauco Sölter: bass and double bass
Mauro Martins or Zaza Desiderio: percussion

Considered the greatest living jazz trombonist, “King Raul” has reigned for decades over the trombone kingdom. An emblematic figure of Brazilian music and jazz, Raul de Souza is celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of his career. Since the 50s, he has continuously reinvented jazz music in Brazil: from bossa nova and samba in the 60s when he was surrounded by Sergio Mendes and Milton Nascimento, to funk in the 80s, with his friend Georges Duke, and hard bop with Sonny Rollins.  
21st JazzContreBand Cross-Border Festival
It is with a unique festival that we have the privilege of partnering up. Its artistic line-up is the fruit of a programme collaboratively developed by some thirty professional music lovers. The objectives: the free circulation of artists and audience on both sides of the Franco-Swiss border. Under an artistic guidance that brews together the diversity of musical aesthetics, the audience will feed off these exchanges and discoveries.