Photoshop Design

Robin Haefeli

Tuesdays from 16:30 to 18:30

Room 105, Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

This course runs from 10th of September 2018 to the 14th of June 2019. 
Open to participants aged 13+. 

Photoshop Design + 3D

Tuesdays, 16:30-18:00 / Room 105
This course is an introduction to digital painting and manipulation of photos. In this class, students will discover how to draw on tablets and use Photoshop to transform their photo using different methods and techniques. Moreover, students will learn about the theory of colours and perspective and use the different tools on Photoshop.
  • Master the software and its basics.
  • Practice using different tools and techniques.
  • Work on a theme.
  • Create and exhibit a project.


Yearly fee for EIG: CHF 850
Yearly fee for external participants: CHF 1090


Registration EIG:
Registration for external participants: by email to

Teacher: Robin Haefeli