23 January to 23 February 2018

Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

Vernissage: 23 January 2018, 17:00-21:00, music by the African group Wuïwa
Exhibition: 23 January to 23 February 2018


This exhibition, devoted to creating a crossroads of African cultural expression, is a wonderful opportunity to discover and enrich ones knowledge, thanks to the contacts and outlook of these creators and professionals from Africa and the African diaspora.
We encourage our students, staff and community to ask questions about African art and its creation, originality, influences, as well as how it positions itself in an evermore globalised world and with regards to the rapid evolution of visual arts across the globe.
The question is not to compare African art in general with other artistic forms from elsewhere in the world, but to understand the specificity of this art in its local development and diaspora, and its ability to resist the detrimental effects of globalisation, all the while accepting to confront other visions of artistic expression no matter their place of origin.
Exhibiting artists have studied and carried out research on the artistic mediums used by traditional African art, statues and masks, while remaining true to their own era by exploring the contributions and currents of modern 20th century art. The artists will also hold workshops with Ecolint students.
Exhibiting artists:
  • Guibril André Dop (Senegal)
  • Abdoulaye Ndoye (Senegal)
  • Vieux Niang (Senegal - France)
  • O'Maurice Mboa (Cameroon)
  • Dany Malu (Congo - Switzerland)
  • Ahmet Ouatarra (Burkina Faso)
  • Koffi Darrah (Togo)
  • Ali Shahto (Sudan)
  • Evelyn Wilhelm (South Africa - Switzerland)
  • Doctrovée Bansimba (Congo - France)
  • Lutengano Mwakisopile (Tanzania)
  • "Tingatinga Arts Cooperative Society" (Tanzania)
  • Gilles Dusabe (Rwanda - Switzerland)
  • Momar Seck (Senegal - Switzerland)
The vernissage will be enlivened by the African group Wuïwa, a gentle blend of African tradition and world music, thanks to whom we will be guided by a sweet and catchy song.