Music School Suzuki Method

17 September 2018 to 14 June 2019

Centre des arts

These courses run from 17 September 2018 to 14 June 2019. 
If a child hears fine music from the day of his birth and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity, discipline and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart. - Shinichi Suzuki -
The Music School connects students with world-class instrumental teachers, a first step in creating independent young musicians. Through weekly private lessons, students receive an individualized programme based on their learning style and personal goals giving them the tools to reach their highest potential. We believe clarity and trust are vital elements in effective teaching and crucial in creating an environment where a student can excel and be empowered to step out of their comfort zone in the pursuit of new musical experiences. As part of the learning process, students are encouraged to join ensembles, perform regularly in the end of term Music School concerts as well as attend weekly classes of music theory/solfège.
Following the mother tongue approach, the Suzuki method focuses on developing musical abilities in very young students by embracing the whole child and nurturing a love of music. 
Important elements in the approach of the Suzuki method in instrumental learning:
  • An early start
  • Listening to music and repertoire as a natural element in the home
  • Learning to play before learning to read notes
  • Parent involvement and support
  • An environment that is nurturing and positive
  • A high standard of teaching
  • Importance is placed on technique that produces sound in a balanced and natural way

Suzuki Violin

Private violin lessons, following the Suzuki method repertoire as well as its philosophy that every child can learn. The private lessons are complemented with weekly group lessons, in which students are given the opportunity to learn and rehearse together, perform for each other, and listen to each other.
Teacher: William Michel

Suzuki Flutes 

Traditional: For students of 6 years or older, the flute is studied following the repertoire of the Suzuki Method. After one year of study, suzuki flute students are required to attend one group lesson per week in addition to their private lesson. Instrument purchase will be guided by the private teacher.
Bamboo: Debutants all begin their studies on a bamboo flute. The students will build their flutes learning how to play one note at time lending a tactile understanding of how their instrument works. Repertoire will cover world music, where the sounds of the bamboo flute are indigenous.
Pan: For students of 7 years or older, the pan flute is studied using the philosophy of the Suzuki Method with world music repertoire.

Suzuki Piano/Guitar/Cello

Based on the mother-tongue approach, very young students learn to play in an environment supported by the parent’s weekly attendance in lessons and aid in daily practice.
Piano Teacher: Maiko Ochi-Bing
Guitar Teacher: Carole Mercier
Cello Teacher: Fabrice Sottas