Music School Private Lessons

17 September 2018 to 14 June 2019

Centre des arts

These courses run from 17 September 2018 to 14 June 2019. 
The Music School connects students with world-class instrumental teachers, a first step in creating independent young musicians. Through weekly private lessons, students receive an individualised programme based on their learning style and personal goals giving them the tools to reach their highest potential. We believe clarity and trust are vital elements in effective teaching and crucial in creating an environment where a student can excel and be empowered to step out of their comfort zone in the pursuit of new musical experiences. As part of the learning process, students are encourage to join ensembles, perform regularly in then end of term Music School concerts as well as attend weekly classes of music theory/solfège. 

Classical Piano

Teachers: Janice Wong, Inga Fêter, Dr. Pia Bose, Roh Fei Tong, Vincent Forestier, Maiko Ochi-Bing, Delphine Hensler and Deana Patakovic

Jazz Piano

Teacher: Vincent Forestier


Teacher: Marius Filip
Teacher: Basel Rajoub
Flute and Recorder


Trumpet, French Horn, Tuba and/or Trombone


Teacher: William Michel
Teacher: Fabrice Sottas
Double Bass
Teacher: Pedro Martinez-Maestre 


Classical Guitar
Rock Jazz & Folk Guitar
Bass Guitar
Teacher: Delmis Aguilera


Broadway Voice
Teacher: Allison Bryan 
Opera, Classical, ABRSM Voice
Jazz Voice
Teacher: Carole Mercier

Drums/ Percussion 



Music Technology
Jazz Improvisation
Teachers: Basel Rajoub (saxophone), Michel Marthaler (guitar) and Dr. Luis de la Calle (flute)