Modern Dance

Lucy Nightingale

Thursdays from 15:15 to 16:00, from 16:00 to 17:15 or from 17:15 to 18:30

Dance Studio, Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

These courses run from 11 September 2017 to 15 June 2018.

Modern Initiation

Thursdays, 15:15-16:00 / Dance Studio
Open to 4-6 year olds
Open to Primary school children, students will learn how to move to different rhythms, and will explore the coordination of their body in a creative manner, using play, in order to better listen to their inner selves through an enriched relationship with others.
  • Learn balance.
  • Play with gesture and touch.
  • Assimilate mouvements.
  • Develop autonomy.

Modern Beginners

Thursdays, 16:00-17:15 / Dance Studio
Open to 7-8 year olds
At this age, acquisition of laterality will allow students to fine-tune their perception of space and structure it. Improvisation work will go hand in hand with precise warming-up exercises which will introduce dance vocabulary. Development of coordination will be encouraged, with repetition used as a means of learning.
  • Learn to link up movements.
  • Learn precision of movement.
  • Develop dance vocabulary.
  • Refine perception of space.

Modern Advanced

Thursdays, 17:15-18:30 / Dance Studio
Open to 9-12 year olds
This modern dance course is made for teenagers having a firm grip of the basics and who wish to invest themselves further. Acquisition of techniques will be central to the course, with ease of movement becoming ever more evident.
  • Perfection of techniques.
  • Precision of gesture.
  • Refine sensations.
  • Build confidence and listening skills.


Modern Initiation
Yearly fee for EIG: CHF 600
Yearly fee for external participants: CHF 760
Modern Beginners and Modern Advanced
Yearly fee for EIG: CHF 720
Yearly fee for external participants: CHF 925


Registration EIG:
Registration for external participants: by email to

Teacher: Lucy Nightingale

Lucy Nightingale trained at the Royal Ballet School in London. In 1987, she joined the Ballet de Vichy, under the direction of Jorge Donn and Kevin Haigen. She joined the Béjart Ballet in Lausanne in 1989, the Stadttheater Ballet in Bern in 1993, and then the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève in 1996. She has danced with the companies of William Forsythe, Ohad Naharin, Twyla Tharp, Amanda Miller, Lionel Hoche, Pascal Riout and Michel Kelemenis. She has worked as an independent artist with choreographers Etienne Frey, Philippe Olza, Carlotta Sagna, and Laura Tanner. She currently teaches for various companies. Passionate about her art, Lucy teaches and choreographs regularly in schools and is studying for an expert dance certificate in Geneva. She frequently leads interdisciplinary artistic exchanges between artists and created a performance for the blind and teenagers for the exhibition “Bodies and Minds” at the Musée d’Art et d’Histoire in Geneva with baroque musicians. In her work as a choreographer, she nurtures the visual imagination by establishing contact between the seeing and non-seeing universe. Projects currently being developed will question our relationship with space and movement.