6 October 2017 at 20:00

Auditorium, Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

Aurélien Dougé (Artistic Director and choreographer)
Julien Tarride, Eric Perret (Composer)
Caroline Bault (Costume)
Rosemonde Arrambourg (Light and sound)
This choreographic journey to the end of the night takes the shape of « deathly » struggle between shadow and light. Gradually extricating itself from the darkness that engulfs it, the dancer’s body pulses superbly. And even though the combat is uneven and becoming ephemeral, the beauty of the figures immerses us in a unique sensory experience. Engaged body and soul in this dance to the musical mix of baroque and experimental electro, Aurélien Dougé makes us hear, with DarkRise, the inner voice of a body threatened with finiteness and which transforms, as if sublimated by grace. 
Inkörper Company was founded in 2014 in Geneva, Switzerland, at the initiative of Aurélien Dougé, its artistic director and choreographer. Imagined as a means of fostering artistic collaboration and collaborative writing, Inkörper Company brings together artists, technicians and thinkers from multiple horizons, experiences and sensibilities.
Each stakeholder participates regularly or occasionally in the structure, the aim being to encourage cooperation, and reintroduce the notion of collegiality all the while preserving independence.
From its creations dedicated to the stage or other spaces, its performances and set-ups, to its video productions and photo series, Inkörper Copmany focuses on the interaction between different artistic practices and offers productions that lie at the intersection of the visual arts, music and dance. Body and movement are at the heart of inspiration and the language of all projects.