24 to 27 April 2018

Theatre, Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

The Secondary School Theatre Group will stage one of the greatest comedy pieces of the 20th century - The Accidental Death Of An Anarchist by Dario Fo.
Written in 1970, this play remains astonishingly relevant, being a satirical take on abuse of power, manipulation of truth and the creation of “Fake News”!
Based on real-life events, this celebrated play by the Italian Nobel prize winner Dario Fo follows a humorous counter-enquiry into the implausible circumstances surrounding the “supposed” suicide of anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli who was reported to have thrown himself from a 4th floor window during an interrogation at a police station in Milan in 1969.
While working on acting and staging techniques, students in this production will also reflect on the nature of Farce, its roots in Commedia dell’arte and on Fo’s political ideas and style. The unique blend of the serious and the comic, of outrage and ridicule, give Dario Fo’s masterpiece its power and potent message. This was something that the censors, politicians and the church at the time did not fail to recognise.
Seeing or participating in this production will allow students to understand some of the ways in which injustice and hypocrisy can thrive both in the past and in the present and provides an excellent opportunity for students to explore the importance of freedom of expression through the performing arts.