Stephen Preece

Vernissage Friday 02 September, Finissage 13 September 2016

Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

Vernissage of this exhibition will be held on Friday 2 Septembre and finissage on Tuesday 13 September. An opportunity to meet the artist, discuss the Thema and the technical skills he used to create this "Bestia" exhibition.

Stephen studied sculpture at university and this series of work is an effort to hone his drawing skills this in preparation for setting up his studio - to be opened before the end of the year.

There he will continue his studies into drawing and painting. At this stage he works primarily using dry pastels and oil paints.

The theme of Bestia is a reminder that homo sapiens happen to part of a much wider family. We are the only species on Earth, however, that as far as we know can contemplate the meaning of life and therefore the moral and ethical responsibilities which one can extrapolate from such questions. 

Mr Stephen Preece presents his exhibition " BESTIA " from 2 to 13 September at the Arts Center of International School of Geneva La Grande Boissière . The opening will take place on September 2 from 16:30 , open to the public , the exhibition is free and the artist will be present during the 10 days to talk about his work and the choice of this exhibition, a detailed work based on animal power the fine line and eyes that . Adept painting techniques and designs, this project is a tribute to the "Beast" with these different facets that are felt by the fine lines ,clear and powerful looks and artistic sensibility of Mr Stephen Preece.

He will also give technical coaching courses on Painting and Drawing as extra-curricular activities at the Centre des arts, open to all, from 13 years old.