Live show

Keziah Jones
friday march 27th 2015 at 20:00

Auditorium, Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

Outstanding guitarist, freethinker, unclassifiable poet: Keziah Jones is probably the most French of  Nigerians.
He is extending his international tour via Switzerland before heading to Australia for the release of his new album "Captain Rugged". 
From the  French label Because Music, this album brings a strong brass section, even stronger Nigerian rhythms and a bubbling energy.
Having spent the last several years between London and Paris, Keziah Jones  moved back to Lagos two years ago to immerse himself  in the energy and creativity of a new generation of Nigerian artists to which he definitely belongs.
He and his alter ego Captain Rugged, an ordinary superhero, of which there are  so many in Africa, are back in the form of a disc and a cartoon book co-authored with Native Magari (Editions Damiani, Bologna). The content is always political, but first and foremost poetic.
Keziah Jones, multi-cultural artist, known for his Blufunk and guitar riffs,honours us by performing at the Centre des arts in the beautiful Auditorium  to share his passion, rhythms and energy. A solo show that promises to be exceptional.
Limited seating.