The Afghan Women's Orchestra "Zohra"

Afghanistan National Institute of Music Ministry of Education

From 24th and 25th of January 2017 at 20h00

Auditorium, Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière


  • TUESDAY 24TH OF JANUARY 2017 at 20h00 in the AUDITORIUM
  • WEDNESDAY 25TH OF JANUARY 2017 at 20h00 in the AUDITORIUM

(Tickets online on our website "Box Office" and in cash the day of the performance at the Centre des arts. Reservations can be done : 0041 22 787 26 75)

Despite the obstacles they face each day to play music in their country, the musicians of the Afghan Women’s Orchestra “Zohra” study music at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM). Aged between 14 and 20, they are the first women to learn music in more than 30 years in Afghanistan. For their first international tour they perform across Switzerland with the Orchestre du Collège de Genève. 

Moved by the critical state of musicians and music education in his native country, Dr. Ahmad Sarmast, a visionary musician and the first Afghan to obtain a doctorate in music, initiated a ground-breaking project to revive and promote music education in Afghanistan.

This mission stemmed from Dr. Sarmast’s strong belief that music can play a significant role in transforming the lives of young people and in rebuilding Afghanistan through providing a platform for vocational training, emotional healing, democratization, and the establishment of a just and civil society. After years of dedication, Dr. Sarmast established a partnership with the government of Afghanistan – specifically the Ministry of Education – and raised the funding necessary to build the Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM) which was inaugurated in 2010. Under his leadership, ANIM has flourished and is expanding each year through new infrastructure, increasing student enrolment, and the ambition to develop new branches in other parts of the country.

Join us for this momentous event to celebrate hope and dialogue across cultures.  All proceeds benefit the ANIM.



On this occasion, the students (DIP - EIG) will have the opportunity to watch a performance dedicated to schools only.

The Afghan Women's Orchestra is composed of young Afghan girls who play traditionnal Afghan music and also occidental classical music. They will be touring Europe, and will be presenting their music and instruments at this special occasion, backed by the musicians of the Orchestre du Collège de Genève.

Monday January 23rd : Privat School Concert EIG : 11h15 & Privat School Concert AGEP 14h00

Tuesday January 24th : Concert DIP - Primary Schools 10h30

Wednesday January 25th : Concert DIP - Secondary Schools 10h30