Peter Rowe

Drama department
les 10, 11 et 12 mars 2015 à 19h

Théâtre, Centre des arts, La Grande Boissière

Aladdin is a fast moving and entertaining musical production which, like most British Pantomimes, has lots of audience participation, jokes, spectacle and songs (these mainly from the 1970s and 1980s). 

Please be aware that Aladdin, like most British Pantomimes, includes an element of sexual innuendo which will make it inappropriate for younger audiences. Other significant features include the casting of a girl as the main male character known as the "Principal Boy" and a boy as the main female character known as the "Dame". 

The setting for Aladdin is vaguely oriental as we find ourselves outside a mythical Chinese laundrette / take-away in Peking where the "Dame" Widow Twankey (Gwyn Glasser) lives with her clever son Aladdin (Nurin Abdul-Aziz) and her not so clever son Wishee Washee (Yann Davies). Like the original story from  "The Arabian Nights", and indeed the Disney version, the show also features the traditional Magic Lamp, a green Genie (Nicole Bazarova), an evil Sorcerer called Abanazer (Leo Hoham), a beautiful Princess (Maddie Poole / Olivia Lewis) and her father the great Emperor himself (Gordon Botterill). 

And there is also a Monkey on a rope (Orfeo Harrisson). And some bananas. A Magic Carpet ride... there might be some birds appearing too... and lots or rocks to throw at Abanazer !

Not to be missed !