"Ancestral Groove"

Wednesday 19th of October at 20:00

David Krakauer and Band


Exhibition from January 11 to 29, 2016
Closing party Thursday January 28 16:30-18:30

Stephen Preece

"The need to produce this body of work stems from the CICAD initiative of inviting educational establishments to visit the Auschwitz Birkenau extermination camps.
As preparation for this trip we were introduced to a holocaust survivor. Mme. Noella Rouget proved to be an incredible little lady still brimming with spirit despite her now considerable age. I was so taken with her testimony that I promised her at the end of the short session to do all in my power to pass on her message : a message which was that of a humanist. After the visit to see this abomination we refer to as Auschwitz-Birkenau, I resolved to develop an educational project to amplify the cries of those who suffered to as broad an audience as possible. These works are my personal contribution to that same broader pedagogical project with the aim that this work will eventually be exhibited alongside the students responses to that same and very profound learning experience.
The works are painted in bitumen a brutal medium using turpentine to dilute. I do not advice that others use the same medium without precautions, on health grounds. It is, however, somewhat appropriate for this topic.
Using the language of art I aim to make society well by provoking intelligent reflection and discussion on hard issues." Stephen Preece