Built both for the school’s students and for the local community, the Arts Centre has three basic missions : to fulfil the pedagogical needs of the secondary school’s art department, to provide a wide range of innovative and stimulating extra-curricular artistic activities and to develop a public cultural programme that is both original and of high quality. These three objectives are integrated and complementary, articulated around a core that is fundamental to the Foundation as regards contemporary pedagogy, i.e. creativity, or the capacity to find new solutions to a given problem.

A place of study, reflection, exploration and transmission, the Arts Centre also sees itself as a laboratory for ideas and shared experiences, using the arts as experimental tools for learning in a committed and responsible manner. It is dedicated to creative learning, a for of teaching that uses an imaginative approach in order to make the acquisition of learning more stimulating, more efficient and better adapted to the modern world and its challenges. Questioning, problem solving, the right to make mistakes and the establishing of connections between different disciplines are at the heart of this pedagogical concept.